Thursday, June 11, 2009

Parade Reflection and Analysis by Carol Aguilar

During the parade I did not know what feedback to expect from the audience. I was kind of relieved to hear them laugh and enjoy the music, as well as the dance that went along with it. As each one of my team members performed their solo, I began to get more confidence. Even though I always doubt myself in whatever I do, my motivation for this was to get a good grade and pass the class. However, I must admit that I had fun at the same time that I was feeling a little nervous.
I think that the symbolism put in for the dance worked out really well. The research with the different colors that represented the different level of severity was very effective. For my 15 seconds of fame solo, my God was Omolu. He spread small pox through random crazy movement. I spread water in different directions where it was unneeded. The arm movement interpreted the movement of the actual sprinkler shooting water. Since I was the bad sprinkler I watered where there was no grass and no sense of direction or watered too much and for a long time. We were trying to promote the conservation of water and preventing the misuse of whatever is left; perhaps Omolu would throw diseases like there was no more an so I threw water the same. Our explanation of water shortage prevention was effective in that we showed the different situations in which human beings waste water and gave a solution. Although, I think that maybe if the bad side had a longer solo than the good side instead of equal time, the scenario would have been more realistic. The sprinkler and the shower would take a long time letting the water run, while the solution is quick showers and water the lawn quickly also.
For my costume, as a bad side group we had to wear red shirt and props that told the story of the water shortage. While many of my peers had many props, my pros were just my hands. My hands represented the hand of the sprinkler that shoots water to the direction it points at. I thought that my song did not really fit my bad sprinkler script. I think that if I had a fast and low beat tune it would have suited me better. However, I thought that having a transition song in between the song of the next solo was a great idea, it helped us to know when each solos time was up so the next one would go. The transition move, the umbigada, signaled the partner that it was there turn. As our parade was kind of a battle between the good and the bad, the two people performing the solo had to look mean and determined that the way that they were doing it was the correct way. For the most part the bad side had to look down on the good side’s solo and I think that worked well. It kind of reminded me of the two conscious that cartoons describe as the two little people, one on each shoulder of the person deciding what to do. One side would have red attire and horns and the other white with a halo.
During the processes of creating our parade, I learned that I have become more open, both open-minded and brought ideas to the table. I think I also figured something about me, I think that I am very realistic. Many time we wanted to be extravagant but we must realized that we had a short amount of time and did not have the money either. Even though many of my peers did have a lot of great ideas, we have to see that the simpler we keep it the more meaning it has and easier it is for us to perform smoothly. Still, simple, it was created through a lot of thought.
After performing, I saw a commercial on TV where they were explaining water shortage and how to prevent it. I thought it was funny to see that it was the same basic idea and they had the same solos we had, the shower, the driveways and sprinklers. It was as if they went to see the parade and got the idea off of us.
I think that what I would suggest to do differently would be to have a story. Maybe have a person be the observer who is undecided of how to use water appropriately. Something like a dream, where the good and the bad perform for the observer and then the observer must pick one that is the correct way of using water. Then, the observer would wake up and follow that road of appropriately using water.
Overall, it was a great experience working through the process to have a successful parade. And do not forget to “Keep that water level up!”

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  1. Excellent write up, Carol! I am so glad you took the class! It was wonderful to watch you dance "full out." Bravo! Your ideas here would have definitely greatly improved the piece. As I am sure you've heard by now, I was convinced that though you guys had all the right elements, you did not use your time wisely and could not get it all to cohere effectively as an argument. Performance-wise, it was hoot in places, confusing in others. I am certain that world is very excited to see what you will do next!